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Two sides of Loan business

Posted in Loan Services by elitemoneylenders on November 28, 2011
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Having financial difficulties in short notice can be a hassle, especially when you least expect it. Most people would seek help financially through means of personal loan, or borrowing money for a period of time from a reliable bank or person. This means that the borrower should also be responsible for paying the lender the amount of money he or she borrowed with or without interest, depending on the agreement between them. If, for some certain reasons the borrower could not pay the lender in time, he or she should pay collateral in form of money or properties, depending solely on the contract approved of both parties.

For the lender’s side, venturing in a loan business can be hard, but its all about trust. The money lender such as should be consistent and strict, but at the same time willing to flexible, about the given conditions or rules in loan so that he or she would also benefit from the business. Having sufficient capital for lending is also important and depends on which target market they want to undertake.  Personal loans, business loans, housing loans and others are some of the different types of loans that can be provided by the lender to the borrowers.

An Elite Money Lender

Posted in Loan Services by elitemoneylenders on November 26, 2011
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An elite money lender company is not only seen on the name it carries but through the services it offers. Being elite for elitemoneylenders is very important because we need to prove our company name by giving the clients the best services they could ask for. We need to live by the name as being one of the best in money lending by setting a high standard in a hassle free loan application.

As licensed and authorized by the money lenders in Singapore, elitemoneylenders offers the best loan services online. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 steps to a fast and hassle free application. 1 – Just fill out the application form online by filling out the details and click submit. 2 – Submit the necessary documents to have your loan application approved. 3 – Once approved, you can get the amount loaned instantly.

There are also different kinds of loan that elitemoneylenders offer. You can choose from different loan packages, be it a personal loan for your personal expenses, or a payday loan for a short term basis or urgent money needs. Even a foreigner loan, which is for foreigners with a valid employment pass and passport who needs an emergency cash while in Singapore.

Usually, for Singaporean and permanent residents, you just need to have the latest 3 months payslip, CPF and income tax statements, original PUB bill or handphone bill stating your residential address, Singaporean or PR ID. For foreigners, valid employment pass with valid passport, tenancy agreement for address validation, appointment letter from your company, bank statement which states the current salary and the latest 3 months payslip.

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